I am ready to give my life for the children and I want you to love them as much as I do.
(February 4th, 1945)

From the Teachings of Blessed Marija of Jesus Crucified Petković


Dear Sisters Daughters of Mercy, dear Associates, volunteers, friends, benefactors and sympathisers of the Association Open to Mercy - Blessed Marija Petković - ONLUS,

we greet you all with all our heart an Easter of true light, that may lead you to the consolation and hope with the words of our Pope Francis “The faith in the Resurrection of Jesus and the hope that He brought us is the most beautiful gift that the Christian can and must give to his brothers. To all and to each, therefore, let us not tire of saying: Christ is risen! Let us repeat it all together, today here in the Square: Christ is risen! Let us repeat it with words, but above all with the witness of our lives. The happy news of the Resurrection should shine on our faces, in our feelings and attitudes, in the way we treat others.” (Pope Francis, Regina Coeli, St. Peter’s Square, Monday of the Angel, 6 April 2015).

Above all let us render thanks to the Lord for the marvellous deeds that He works in many nations, through our Association Open to the Mercy, a humble and simple instrument in His Hands.

We wish to pour into your hands the special thanks for the trust and help that you always donate.

It will be of course an Easter if we remain united in the solidarity and merciful love towards many populations who in our Missions live with extreme poverty.

We know well how much need does exist in our Missions where our Sisters Daughters of Mercy and in particular in the new Mission that, that to God, we render ourselves to initiate a Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

May the Merciful God recompensate you for all the good works you render.

Heartfelt Greetings for a pleasant and Holy Easter to all of you and to your Families!

May the Light of Risen enlighten us all always in our life journey.


The 2nd convocation of the fifth Annual Ordinary General Assembly was held at the headquarters of the Association in Rome - Via di Porta Maggiore, 38 - at the General House of the Daughters of Mercy of the TOR of St. Francis.

After the initial greetings and the "Welcoming" of the new members who have joined our missionary spirit to disseminate and promote the discovery and the growth in the civil and Christian Education of people in order to reach the right dignity and obtain the true universal peace, they have passed to analyze the various points of the order of the day. The expositon was done with clarity and simplicity, for it was supported by the projected images. The participants did not have any need for clarification, hence the administrative part was approved unanimously.

Then followed the intervention of the Mother President who had returned from her journey in Congo. She spoke about the new charitable thing that is about to initiate. Her exposure enchanted those present who were touched by spontaneity and recognized the testimony of the Mother Foundress toward the least and the most needy and it is understood that we must all commit ourselves to spread this beneficial initiative, because operators who are already at the site and the natives are in emergency and they are waiting for us. Having already faced a great initial economical effort to buy the area where the work will be realized, it is necessary to have further economic aid for building structures suitable to accommodate the sisters and volunteers who will soon be sent in this mission.

For these costs of settlement an account has been opened in dollars and one in euros for collecting the contributions of all those who know the commitment of the sisters in these sixty-six houses managed by them which are spread throughout Europe, in South America and North America. This humanitarian work will have its seat in Africa, in Kinshasa (Municipality of Maluku), in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

After having requested for further information and having received the answers, the assembly was dissolved but all of us remained still to chat and socialize with sisters who, as always has been, have demonstrated their hospitality while having a break with some snacks that are characteristic of their tradition.

Giuseppe Puoti

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